Thursday, July 19

Reflection Effect in WPF (XAML Code)

Refection effect in wpf(Windows Presentation foundation) very simple application. First of all start a wpf project then drag and drop rectangle control on the mainWindow. In this illustration I’m using rectangle control you can either use border control and image control according to your requirements. Fill the desired gradient in rectangle you just dropped on the mainWindow.

Tuesday, July 17

MYSQL Connection with C# WPF Application

Download Here: MySQL_C#WPF_Connection
Hello guys, today i’m gonna teach you how to connect MYSQL with MS visual studio c#. This tutorial is about MySQL workbench 5.2 and MySQL server 5.5, make sure both are installed in your let’s get started first of all open MySQL workbench 5.2 then click on New Server Instance. And follow the steps to configure your server. When you are done make a database let’s say I made a database name “Text” and Server name is Localhost.